Sayer Teller

Wander with me awhile. Ponder with me awhile.

The Author

Sayer Teller

Having seen many things, and through countless expression,

I know my way around, though, “Where to?” Is the question.

Drifting from place to place, creating worlds within worlds too,

I am a storyteller of sorts, with many stories to tell you.

I hum and I strum, whittle and whistle,

I’ve laboured in the coldest cold and picked many a thistle.

Forgotten and remembered, I endure through refining,

For I seek the golden threads within the silver lining.

You may hear from me from time to time from where I tend to dwell,

My name is Sayer Teller, and I have a few stories to tell.



My name is Sayer Teller, and I wish to tell you a story…

Here I will write about what goes on in my life and head, and other times I will write about odds and ends that pique my interest.

There are many books on the horizon. “The Washcloth”, Book I of The Confounding Oddities of Lachesis Grim, a Victorian-era dark fantasy series, is well on its way.

This is a nonprofit site. All proceeds go back into projects, giveaways, charities and charitable ventures. All options for charities are currently being explored and will ultimately be determined by The Community.

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On a very separate note, I provide a few services of varying nature, of which are commissioned writing, the creation of quills or reed pens and consultations. I have a passion for helping others and am currently practicing a self-improvement technique that I’ve developed here.

I have created a patreon that will be dealing with a universe called The Aught (in Sayer Teller’s Stories & Tales) that exists on the cusp of  “The Confounding Oddities of Lachesis Grim” series, and several future series. Become my patron, and you will gain access into this mysterious world outside worlds and explore the many secrets it has to reveal.

I believe I’ve created a bit of an odd website, but I suppose I’ve always had a bit of a knack of creating odd things. Perhaps you may stumble upon something that you will like. In either case, stay awhile and peruse The Aught of the Oaken Reed at your leisure.