Kingmakers creating kings for kingdoms
Carpenters creating kingdoms for kings
Kings creating loyalty within a kingdom of desire or duty
But be warned…
Loyalty to another, ever the slave
Loyalty to destiny and virtue itself, freedom eternal
For what is another’s plan for you in comparison to the divine?

© Sayer Teller

One thought on “Loyalty

  1. I once wrote these words…

    “The slave becomes free for one minute in that realm of freedom, before they become greatly curious over their purpose. They feel their ecstasy in the realm of freedom, or innocence, until they notice something: they are wandering upon a blank canvas of no color, and they soon begin to seek another master.”

    No one is ever the master of their own selves. Even the King, and perhaps even a god, had been reprimanded, disciplined, scolded, beaten and bruised, enough to become who they are.

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