Photo by Lindsay Niles

Mullyon Blithely & the Ever Street

Mullyon Blithely ambled the Ever Street,

He spied a girl upon a bundle of wheat.

Risalyn Sigland, the fairest around,

Seeing Mullyon, she blushed and then scrambled down.


They told eachother long tales and flitted about,

Like the birds and the bees of that summers day, no doubt.

They loved eachother and decided one day to marry,

And soon became renowned millers to all folk and faerie.


As they grew older, their own tales they took more seriously,

And their hearts began to toughen and harden, mysteriously.

Having raised a son, they one day sent him to fetch their wheat,

And so Mullyon Blithely Junior did amble the Ever Street.


© Sayer Teller


The Tale of Yolk

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