There once was a knight named Sir Bengard,

A shield he did wield for his king.

He fought the Malachite Knight in a courtyard,

Laden with roses around a wellspring.


They did battle for fourty days and nights,

Until the Malachite Knight was slain.

The Jrevanthii man was given his last rites,

And Sir Bengard did suffer great pain.


Many months later after his duel and having been healed,

A young orphan he did find wandering the city.

A thug attacking the child, Bengard did force to yield,

And took the orphan under his wing out of pity.


After training the child in the ways of the blade,

He sent the child to the Cathedral to be in servitude,

To learn of Saint Melunaea to whom Sir Bengard prayed…

Until the child was grown, he continued to impart rectitude.


Β© Sayer Teller


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