Welcome to the world of uncertainty, fellow wanderer…

Have you seen the world beneath your own on your journeys, yet?

Have you seen the roles we play?

Have you seen the stories we tell?


We are all children learning how to live alongside the world.

We do not know objective truth, that is not for us to know.

That is the realm of omniscient beings.

That is the realm of the Gods.


We are shackled to our minds.

No matter how expansive our minds have grown or the number of perspectives we have accrued in our life time.

Bound to this mortal ego shall we be until the day we die.

Yet we shall always be part of something greater than us…


Have you seen it, dear wanderer?

Upon the spaces of the void, we are stars.

Scattered, yet whole… Separate, yet one.

Forever linked to the great collective consciousness.


Step lightly when the wind wishes to blow you off of the trail.

Run laughing into the fields when the gentle breeze accompanies you.

To live in harmony and sincerity is to play our original part.


What mattersΒ in this world is one’s conviction.

Do what you ought to do.

Be who you ought to be.


Everyone is simply playing the roles they have given themselves, for better or for worse.

Everyone is just as clueless as you are.

The footsteps of the fool is to know that you don’t know.


All are individual instruments of a great song upon the vast silence and stillness.

We have our parts, and we have our stories.

The lunatic’s wisdom is to realize that all is chaos contained.


Delve into all worlds with open eyes, fellow wanderer, and see for yourself…

All is one, and one is all.

All is light dancing upon the dark.