These dreams I dream of you,
So primal, these apparitions of raw emotion.
I witness myself, a parent to the child.
Who am I to have such dreams?
Who are you, to still be so distant, yet so close?

Indeed, my humanity must overcome, alone.
Trials of the mind, wavering spirit,
A singing lark flying through a deafening storm.
To be torn asunder, or to find shelter in great winds?
A question of who I was to you,
Followed closely by who I was to myself.

I swing wildly into the darkness, the unknown,
I strike at what lies under the floorboards of my mind.
Blinded, I see.
Sighted, I am blinded.
Sleepless, she does leaves me,
Repeating, again and again…
Until sincerity unites thought and memory.

As I look upon the streams of moonlight,
I know that you may be watching as well.
Scattered promises littered that floor,
Humiliation, our childish lack of understanding.
Having thrown so much away,
This oddity was one worth keeping.
Through my midnight musings,
Love and forgiveness is all that is left.

Β© Sayer Teller