Hello, everyone!

I’m hoping your step into spring has granted you a spring in your step! It’s nice to be back after a bit of a jaunt after some fairly life altering happenings. Alongside twitter, I believe we are now 1000 strong (give or take a few, of course)! Thank you so much, you are all my heroes and heroines. There are so many talented and intelligent people on these online platforms, and I’m honoured to be part of it. I give great meaning to it and those who express and find themselves sincerely within it.

I’d like to go over a few interesting updates…

I’m moving to Europe to teach English! This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but haven’t had as good of an opportunity as I do now. Sometimes, one must lighten their load to get to the intended destination, and that meant an overhaul. That has been taking up a majority of my time over the past several months now, and especially last month. Research, sorting things out, a new language to learn, hosting workshops, and teaching certification among other things has me fairly preoccupied.

Having previously been a farmer, I’m hoping to do a bit of volunteering abroad while I teach as well in Spain. I have a few contacts there that will hopefully help me along my way, so I can work alongside the land as well as people once again.

Not to mention some very special projects that I had on the backburner that are now in full sail, including finishing The Washcloth, book one of The Confounding Oddities of Lachesis Grim and another unannounced project that I’ve been working on for years… I’m bursting with anticipation to show everyone, but there certainly is a time and place.

Busy as a bee, I’ll be working to get back on top of oakenreed.org so it’s more polished and defined. We will soon have our Odds & Ends reviews and giveaways hosted on oakenreed.org! I’ll focus on making the layout a little more comprehensible than it is currently. It was thrown together in a relatively short duration, and it reflects that.

I have recently begun hosting a pen and paper campaign with the intent that players can enjoy expressing themselves and their characters, and that I can write about our adventures together! If you’d like to read a little on the adventures, you can keep up to date on oakenreed.org/home/haven.

I’ll be hosting one more Odds & Ends giveaway on sayerteller.com before we move the reviews and giveaways to oakenreed.org! So please, if you haven’t checked it out yet, I urge you to keep tabs on it while it continues to evolve.

It’ll be interesting getting supplies from Spain (where I’m initially moving to teach English), as I love German (Rohrer & Klinger) and French brands (J. Herbin, Clairefontaine, Rhodia) quite a bit… I’ll be right where a lot of the good stuff is, and in turn, so will you by following oakenreed.org!

I’d like to giveaway a fountain pen quite dear to me as a thank you to the people dedicated to the craft of penmanship before Odds & Ends will be hosted on oakenreed.org. It is a dark blue pen from Sweden called a Jonkopings Skolor Liberty that has an ink viewer. It’s quite nice, though the nib flex is quite stiff. It has a hidden built-in piston filling system, making it fairly unique. I would be very happy if it went to someone who wanted a nice fountain pen who would make good use of it. I don’t believe you can find this pen anywhere, so it is extremely unique, but so are all of you, and I feel you all deserve a chance at it. Simply post a comment down below, and you’ll of course be considered! The winner will be announced next Wednesday.

I apologize for my spottiness lately, both in posts and in general. If I’ve neglected anything or anyone, I’m truly sorry for having been somewhat absent and absent minded lately, however, things have their time and place, as I’m quickly learning to take heed of this lesson. It’s no excuse, but as I said before, I was dealing with quite a lot, including some pretty severe health issues, which are finally settling down, I’m relieved to say. Life works in waves, doesn’t it?

If you’d like, feel free to share your thoughts, interesting happenings, ups and downs!

Wander well, fellow wanderers,