Hello, fellow Wanderers!

I’m pleased to announce that oakenreed.org is now live and fully functional, where you can begin telling Living Stories and wandering the many Living Worlds to come!


Living Stories is a charity based collaborative storytelling game/folding story and worldbuilding experience. To contribute is free, and you can contribute as much as you want. Whether you want to start your own story, or add to existing ones, a sentence or more keeps the stories alive! Your words may help others in need through our fundraiser. Through future publication, all proceeds are sent to the Oaken Reed fundraiser, which will sponsor a variety of different charities each year. Credit is given to all contributors (you are the authors of these stories). Because the theme of the website is a work of fiction, that is the main driving theme of the stories, particularly, but not limited to, fantasy. I will continue to upload our previously created stories for those who wish to contribute to those ones.

Living Worlds will also be a free choose your own adventure fantasy series that will be created from time to time (by yours truly)! They will also mirror our Living Stories, breathing unexpected “life” into what we’ve written! There may be themes of philosophical fiction, fantasy, romance, cosmic horror, fairytales and much, much more. Only the brave may enter!

This project was created purely out of my desire to help others, and to inspire others to work together towards a common cause. The website is ad free for the time being. Much time and money was spent to make this happen, and I must admit I’m not all that well off. It would mean the world to me and many others if you stopped by.

Let us tell of many tales, together!

Wander well,