Welcome, fellow wanderers!

I have some exciting news. The oakenreed.org is now open for business, and where the oakenreed.com once resided, sayerteller.com now resides (though it may redirect to one or the other at this time). I am still shifting things around, and have had quite a few hitches along the way, but I hope for many bugs to be smoothed out while I work at it. I expect to be largely done by later this week, but if you would like to look at the preview, head on over! I’d love to hear any input, questions or concerns. Living Worlds is a different kind of collaborative/art project that will hopefully inspire those to contribute to Living Stories. Living Worlds will be a text based adventure series that you all will directly influence by your contributions to Living Stories. These games will of course be free, and I will simply create them for a more engaging worldbuilding experience. I have already completed the first chapter of each Living World path you choose when you complete the Wanderers of the Oaken Reed choose your own adventure. I will try to have at least one of the paths available tonight, so keep a look out! (Update: You can skip right to the sample here if you’d like to check it out. It will also be available at the end of the introduction.)

As for the Living Stories side of things, I’m still working on a functional forum platform that will suit our storytelling needs. There may be hitches during this process. If you encounter any, it is because it is in a very experimental phase. If this ever gets big enough, we will collaborate to edit each story, publish them with all contributors as the authors and send proceeds to charity through a future Oaken Reed fundraiser. That way they aren’t just going into the ether, but our stories may help reshape the lives of true living stories as well.

Many more updates to come!

Wander well,