Hello, fellow wanderers!

I hope this new year is finding you well. A big change is coming to this site. The vision being a more neutral community dedicated to charity, penmanship, poetry and storytelling will be a little clearer as I will be removing a large bit of myself from the equation.

Why? As some of you may know, the original purpose of this site was meant to be a personal blog/portfolio. I then blended an idea that has been stewing inside of me for quite a few years, and that was to create a collaborative fairy-tale/storytelling experience coupled with charity work. The community (all of you amazing people) that has grown here is one of passion, artistry and good nature.

Flooding the front page with my personal entries feels a little strange to me, so I’ve decided to revamp the Stories and Tales from the Aught/Naught into just “Living Stories” as well split my site in two. That would ensure a more clearly defined purpose for this site, oakenreed.com (which will be changed shortly to a new domain, oakenreed.org). Don’t worry, though! All wordpress entries/what-have-you will be migrated to sayerteller.com for my personal blog/professional portfolio. That way we define the “us” and the “me”, which I believe would be more sincere to the vision of this nonprofit.

In case you missed what “Living Stories” are, it is essentially a folding story type activity, which December Rose initially suggested and I built upon. He and I have worked a little bit on it, and will continue to work together. These Living Stories are where we will write endless entries to create rich narrative and worldbuilding. You may start with a prompt, and others will contribute. These themes are typically fantasy based, but all genres are welcome and will be separated by tags. There is a conflict in the names I have chosen, “The Aught” and “The Naught”, as they are concepts in my upcoming book “The Washcloth”, and don’t want to further confuse anyone. I’ve decided to rename these as the Somnium Codex and the Insomnium Codex to represent various themes as opposed to the more “nightmarish” genre, which deal with all sorts of dark delights usually horror themed. To look at what I’ve got running, visit https://oakenreed.org.

So, to clarify:

oakenreed.org: nonprofit, nonprofit news/updates, freelance work dedicated to charity, community forums, Living Stories, and something special I’ve been working on…

sayerteller.com: my blog, and my portfolio (poetry, stories, essays, music, etc), Odds & Ends, Tips & Tricks, all of my old posts (which I’ll try to migrate some of which)

Both will of course continue to deal with storytelling, philosophy, penmanship and music.

Just as with Buddhist philosophy, one must observe and deny the ego at times, and in this case, the oakenreed.com maintains a little too much of “me” in it and not enough “us”. I believe that is conflicting with the purpose of the nonprofit. I want the Oaken Reed to be a source of welcome, equality, inspiration, community and collaboration working for the betterment of all, so I’ll need your support in doing that as I transfer what needs to go where. The oakenreed.com may go down for a few days, but worry not, as that is simply me doing the transfer and getting the forums up and running where we can continue to write our Living Stories, and where I will continue to contribute to our fundraiser, hopefully with your help! This is about all of us, about creating better storytellers, better wielders of the pen and the dedication to those who we may support and further inspire as well.

Wander well,

Sayer Teller