Happy New Year, Fellow Wanderers!

I’m happy to announce the creation of our new Odds & Ends 2018 fundraiser page! Through an incredibly handy and intuitive website called classy, we will be able to track progress on our contributions towards great causes. To start, I’ve transferred Odds & Ends draws to our new fundraiser page here, which will be raising money for Worldbuilders! Worldbuilders is a fantastic nonprofit that is “geek-centered” that supports many different avenues for humanitarian causes including Heifer International. One cannot geek out more than a storytelling, fountain pen enthusiast. As per the Community poll, the Oaken Reed has been steered by a grand majority to support worldbuilders.org, and for that I am honoured to be part of such a great movement. Please visit the site to see all of the prizes to be won, which will be continuously updated throughout the year. I will also be contributing most income from my freelance practice towards our goals. (Don’t worry, I won’t count myself as a potential winner! It’s simply to do my part as well. The prizes are for you!)

I hope you enjoyed the holidays! Let’s kick things off this year with doing a little good!

Wander well,