(Thursday, December 14th, 2017)

Hello, everyone!

There are a few things I would like to cover during this Odds & Ends. First things first, I’d like to announce the winner of the Spencerian Penmanship, Apache Sunset & Clover Quill Giveaway!

The winner is: Elise Bloom!

Thanks for checking out the Oaken Reed, Elise. I sincerely hope you enjoy the set as much as I do. The copybooks are timeless and the ink is beyond unique! I hope that the Quill is to your satisfaction as well. If you, or for that matter, anyone else has any questions about getting started with Spencerian, I would be honoured to help.

I will be adding helpful information to Tips & Tricks these coming weeks, so be on the look out for recommendations of fountain pens, useful resources, and of course, tips and tricks! I will also be creating a few helpful guides on what nibs, pens, papers and ink may suit your needs, something I desperately could have used before getting involved in this hobby!

I’d like to make one other announcement: Unfortunately, the site didn’t generate any income to donate, but it would have felt wrong to not donate anything at all. Following the 2017 Worldbuilder’s fundraiser, I along with another anonymous reader decided to donate to a nonprofit that subsequently raises money for a charity called Heifer International on the last day for collection. The reason why Heifer is great is that it gives to developing communities things that can be of practical value, such as sanitation, livestock and power. For example, if you donate $20 dollars, it equates to a flock of chickens that may be a lifeline to a family for years to come. It’s one of, if not the greatest charity I have ever come across in recent years.

What makes Worldbuilders so great is that it rewards you for donating by turning your donation into a ticket in their draws to win many wonderful and geeky things! A ten dollar donation is required to be part of their raffles, and they consistently have celebrities and anonymous donors that may match or even exceed what is originally expected to be raised within a timeframe. It’s an incredible community, and one that I hope that we can be part of.

So with that, I have decided to move all of Odds & Ends to next year’s Worldbuilder’s Oaken Reed fundraiser page! I feel resources and general direction would be better geared towards helping two causes at once at the source. Reviews will be a little sporadic until the next fundraiser is open, as will be giveaways. Through our upcoming Worldbuilder’s fundraiser page, you will be able to donate to those in need to be entered into two raffles: Worldbuilders as well as my own that I will be hosting. I will match fundraiser goals with many, many amazing rewards, including high end fountain pens!Β Check back for upcoming information, these are prizes you will not want to miss out on. I will have goals that we can reach, and if those goals are reached, more prizes, and more winners will receive penmanship paraphernalia! What’s better than helping out those in need and having a great chance of winning all sorts of books, games, and even a high end fountain pen, or more?!

I only found out about Worldbuilders recently, and didn’t realize we could have made our own fundraising page until it was a day before deadline for 2017, so I apologize about the late creation of our page. So for next year, once we are able to create our own fundraiser page, I will be hosting many rewards in lieu of our Odds & Ends giveaways.

I feel our purpose is to be a nonprofit, and so far I’ve felt we’ve done some good spreading the word about keeping penmanship alive, but I think we can do better by helping saving a family or two from starvation from half a world away.

With all that being said, I would love to get a chance to hear what the readership of the Oaken Reed thinks. If there are any further suggestions, I am all ears. This isn’t my project, this is our project. You are the ones that steered this site towards Worldbuilders, and for that, I thank you for your guidance, as per The Community poll. We are all in this together, fellow wanderers, let’s make some tracks!

Wander well,

Sayer Teller