Hello everyone,

As per The Community’s choice, the overwhelming majority chose to support the Worldbuilders nonprofit! Worldbuilders was founded by Patrick Rothfuss, author of “The Kingkiller Chronicles”, an incredibly successful and amazing fantasy series (I’ve been nothing short of blown away by this series. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do so! Patrick is easily one of my top 5 favourite authors.)

Today is the last day for being able to donate for the 2017 stretch, so if you would like to pitch in to help developing communities, this is one of, if not the best way to do so. Worldbuilders partnered up with Heifer International, and from what I’ve learned, this is a charity that doesn’t squander donations, but instead invests in practical agricultural based things, such as livestock, as seen in Pat’s tweet below:

Plus, you can even win things! But even if you don’t, rest assured your generous donations are given to those who desperately need it, and supporting community is one of the greatest and most satisfying things one can do. I was unfortunately unable to garner enough income for this year’s donations, however I wanted to help out in either case. It’s a season of giving, afterall!

You can donate here, if you’d like to fulfill a bit of this site’s Worldbuilders fundraiser:


Thank you for reading, and wander well!