A story could be heard throughout the Aught…

December Rose

The following is the folding story β€œThe Piper’s Flute” as it has been written so far. It is turning out to be my favorite tale being constructed by The Community. Please read and consider adding a few lines to the tales being told in The Aught or The Naught.


The rain began to poor heavily. Just my luck… Benjamin thought to himself, smiling at the irony of it all. He had a long trek before him, and the sky was beginning to lose light. The scenic hills rolled in the foreground, and despite being soaked through to the bone, a small fire within his heart burned brightly.


In the distance, he saw an Inn. He decided to stop there and dry off, warm up his belly with a hearty hot meal. Benjamin would need all his strength to survive the journey ahead. He…

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