A story could be heard throughout theΒ Aught…

A true character is one that fills a role that needs to be filled. These certain kinds of people aren’t like others, and will always stand out, for better or worse. I had to come to terms with this fact, long ago. My father once said that it’s okay to recreate myself, that fateful midsummer day I left for Dublin, back in ’28. He understood better than anyone else did.

And you know what? I did. Changed the way I walked, talked, dressed and generally who I was as a person. Took a job as a movie projectionist. That’s the best I could’ve gotten, either that or being a paperboy, being as young and as lost as I was… Besides, I wasn’t thrilled about delivering papers. Being a projectionist was simple, but dead boring, even if films were just then getting sound. I turned the lights on, kept the place in order and ran the films. I simply filled a role that needed to be filled.

That was then, but things have changed a little. Fast-forward a bit after a robbery, car chase and an altercation with my partner in crime, I find myself in a bit of a precarious predicament. My name is Patrick Tailor, and I’m currently hanging on to the largest sum of money I’ve ever seen in one hand, and dear life in the other.

Story begun by: Sayer Teller

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