Welcome back, readership of the Oaken Reed!

Before we get going, after this Odds & Ends, I will be moving it to every Thursday of each week. Wednesday has become a bit hectic unfortunately. I hope this works for others!

I’ll simply be having a giveaway this week, but it’s going to be a great one! I’m not quite sure why I haven’t mentioned these yet, but now’s as good a time as any. These are one of the most important tools in helping me develop my amateur penmanship: Platt Rogers Spencer’s Spencerian Penmanship copybooks.

The Giveaway:
Because I’m celebrating the completion of the first draft of my book, “The Washcloth”, a strange Victorian-era dark fantasy novel, and to make up for last week, I’ll be giving away the Spencerian Penmanship Copybook 1 alongside another hand-crafted “Clover” quill and Noodler’s Apache Sunset ink (an ink that is incredibly popular due to it’s fantastic shading and unique colour!)

The Rules:
Simply leave a comment, and subscribe if you haven’t already! (Don’t forget to check back next week, to see if you’re a winner.)

This Giveaway ends Thursday, December 14th

A Quick-look:

The book itself is of fairly decent quality paper. I’m using an example from my personal compilation book that doesn’t have as good paper as the Copybook I’ll be giving away, however, it provides some information to what the structure of the book is like.

The paper used above was not the best behaving as the paper tends to allow for a decent amount of feathering and bleeding, but thankfully I’m giving away a much nicer quality version, as seen below:


Good luck on the draw!

See you next Thursday for Sayer Teller’s Odds & Ends!