Hi everyone,

As you can probably imagine, it’s the crunch for NaNoWriMo, and the thunder of furious scribbling is happening on my desk at the moment. I only have a little while longer until I must complete my 50,000 words, and I am a little over the half-way mark. In other words, I’m writing a quarter to half a book in the remaining day and a half. A lot has happened this month to take me away from my work, but I won’t go into specifics. Work must be done, and the world keeps spinning no matter what happens in one’s life!

I will unfortunately have to postpone the Odds & Ends review to next Wednesday. Don’t worry though, I’ll offer a couple giveaways to make up for this! From last week, however, both entrants did not claim, or wish to claim their prizes. So the prizes of last week are still on the table, if anyone wants to draw for them! Comments on this post will be considered. Check back on the site to see if your entry has won, or keep up to date on my mailing list.

Wish me luck on “The Washcloth”, and I wish you luck on the draw!