A story could be heard throughout the Naught

I stepped toward the ragged, flowing drapes that blew as a gust found its way into the hollow room. Grey light spilled into the dreariness that was my home, accentuating a feeling of sickness and foreboding. I once hated cloudy days, but cloudy days are all I know now, once the sky began to change. The ashen heavens were my mind’s final haven, battling the darkness that lurked within my prison.

He’s here…Β I thought to myself as I saw the man with a black coat, fedora and a strange long yellow scarf trailing behind him walk up the pathway to the mansion. He held a briefcase in one hand and a cane in another. He paused for a moment, and slowly looked up to where I stood, three stories high. I stood back throwing my hands behind myself, hoping my blind hands would somehow find anything to brace themselves upon. I fell back, landing on my side. I looked up at my violin and piano to the side of me, fragments of my past covered in a thick layer of dust. “Lord, God… Forgive me…! Take me away from this infernal room!” I whimpered to myself.

The shadows lengthened in my peripheral in unnatural and impossible shapes, and when I looked to them, they remained normal. I staved off the insanity by looking directly to the shadows, but they began to close in. They began to fester.Β He is here…!Β I thought once again, in horror. Distortion came to me and entered my mind, as wind would fan flame. A loud knock came from the entry way. One knock. Two knocks. Three…

Story begun by: Sayer Teller

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