Welcome back, everybody!

It’s been a bit of a hectic week, I apologize about the late entry. I promise it’s going to be worth it as we’re announcing two winners tonight as well as giving away a 10ml vial of the ink in question after a short overview!


Giveaway Rules

Just leave a comment and you’ll be placed within a random number generator. Shipping bought and paid for by yours truly! Winners must simply get in touch via the Contact page.

Details & Behaviour

This is a surprise for me. The colour itself was pretty boring, but it proved to be worth the purchase. It’s just as watery as Lie de ThΓ©, but offers just as much variation… Which for me is honestly a great thing, aside from the awful dry time (so for you on the go, this is probably not a great one if you’re taking a quick note.) It’s so light and watery you can barely make out the test. Even at ten seconds, there seems to be little drying happening. That variation is not bad though. It reminds me of a city blanketed in overcast, and has turned out to be one of my favourite greys.


Variations & Prices

Just as with Lie de ThΓ© , bottles of 10ml, 30ml and individual cartridges are available.

You can expect store prices to be around:

$15CDN and $11USD for the 30ml

$6.50CDN for the 10ml

$5CDN for a tin of the cartridges

The Verdict: Not Too Shabby!

✧ These earn 3.5/5 Stars! ✧

(Great for those days when you’re inspired by overcast and the buzz of city streets.)


  • Fairly decent shading
  • Reminiscent of a grey variant of Lie de ThΓ© in behaviour


  • Less than desirable drying time/absorption
  • Fairly bland

I’m pleasantly surprised by this ink.Β If you’re looking for a light grey with fantastic variation, this is a great choice.




Last week we had two giveaways, and I’m excited to announce the lucky winners!

For the Lie de ThΓ© draw, the winner is:

Mike Delong!

And for The Community giveaway for celebrating folding stories, streams of thoughts and overall direction, the winner is:


Congrats to the winners!

As a side note, we’ve officially surpassed 500 followers and 5,000 views! Thank you so much for everyone’s support! If you haven’t seen yet, we’ve created a folding story experience over at The Aught. Hope to see many more stories!


See you next Wednesday for Sayer Teller’s Odds & Ends!