Hello everyone,

I will be doing a second giveaway this week in celebration of my new site page and poll for the site’s direction! I would like to direct you toΒ The Community, a page inspired by, and dedicated to you, the readership of the Oaken Reed. Here you will be able to participate in polls and Jot a Thought into the “Thoughtstream” of the Aught. Ask anything you would like, leave feedback, as well as take part in an initiative that we are trying to aim for on this site: charitable ventures and improved giveaways.

(Thanks to a recent and brilliant suggestion by a fellow Wanderer, December, I’ve decided to create a platform where all can contribute their stories and tales, whether you’re looking for an excuse to write, need some practice, or just want to contribute to the mythos of the Aught. Using a folding story approach, contribute a sentence, paragraph or more to keep the story alive, or even start your own story prompt! Please visit our subreddit atΒ The Aught for more details. For a darker variant, where you just want to let loose while contributing to these living stories, please visit The Naught)

You, the community will direct this site to where any and all income from this site goes, whether I sell a Quill Pen at The Market or happen upon an honoured patron! You will lead us to where the Oaken Reed will grow.

Is the main focus on worldbuilders.org, a charity created by the amazing author and all around great person Patrick Rothfuss for geeks and authors to help better the world in practical ways? Or will you support children in need of homes and more in BC, Canada? Or perhaps it is improved giveaways for my honoured guests, here at the Oaken Reed? Maybe even something of your own choosing?

Either way, you choose the percentages, and I humbly and faithfully follow your lead.

As a side note, I am eternally grateful to my readership. Almost 500 subscribers within 4 months! This is crazy. From the bottom of my heart… Thank you so much, everyone. I hope to continue providing half-way decent content for you to read and participate in.

The Giveaway
I will be giving away a Clover Quill (as seen in The Market) alongside a Clairefontaine pocketbook, where you can continue to jot your many thoughts. It could also make a perfect gift for the coming holidays!

The "Clover"
The “Clover”

Rules & Information
Simply create a comment, start a discussion, or leave feedback on The Community‘s Thoughtstream. Whatever you so choose to write! It is your blank canvas. This package will be shipped on December 1st (The day after NaNoWriMo) to wherever the winner is, shipping costs covered as usual.

Let’s make tracks, fellow Wanderers.