Welcome, fellow Wanderers!

Tonight I’m giving away one of my favourite inks of the brown variety: Lie de ThΓ©. If you’re a tea person, this is your kind of fountain pen ink.

I thought I would try something a little different for this giveaway to make it interesting.

Giveaway Rules

There are a few ways we can do this:

  1. Sign up via e-mail by hitting the follow via e-mail in the top right corner of the sidebar by next Wednesday and you’ll be entered for a chance to win this amazing ink. (Privacy is taken very seriously here, this is simply for us to stay a bit connected. It willΒ only used to send you infrequent updates and future events/giveaways. No junk-mail and no third-party what-have-you. I hate the stuff too.)
  2. Optional: If you would like to go the extra mile,Β reblog any of my entries by next Wednesday on your site or any of your social media sites/profiles, and notify me of the post via a comment on this entry. (That way you’ll double your chances for this draw.)
  3. If you cannot do either, a comment will be accepted as one entry in either case, but spreading the word would be very much appreciated! (I would love to grow our community of penmanship enthusiasts, and there is much more in store including bigger giveaway prizes, tutorials, references and tricks of the trade the more we get on board.)

As usual, I will select the lucky winner through a random number generator. Shipping is paid for, no matter where you are in the world.

Along with a 30ml bottle of J. Herbin Lie de ThΓ©, I will also be giving away a Clairefontaine pocketbook, specifically made for fountain pen inks. You’ll just need your own fountain or dip pen and you’ll be ready to write in this beautiful ink!

Details & Behaviour

Ever wanted to write with tea? Well, now you can! In all seriousness, though, it truly is like writing with a cup of English breakfast. The ink doesn’t behave the best I’ve seen, compared to other great browns such as Iroshizuku Yama-guri, however it is still decent behaviour. Feathering is light and it is a fairly wet ink that is very prone to smudging for quite a long time due to its long dry time. Negatives aside, the shading, or its colour variation, is fairly diverse, ranging from a light yellowish brown to a medium/dark, coffee-like brown, depending on how liberal you are with it.


Can I just mention the label and bottle for a quick second? Because they’re beautiful. The label has nice typography in French and a small drawing of whatever theme J. Herbin’s varieties are trying to embody, this one in particular being a simple teapot. The bottle is an interesting design as well, as I believe at top front of it looks as if it can hold a pen, though it’s a fairly narrow groove. Still, it gets points for uniqueness.

Variations & Prices

Bottles of 30ml and individual cartridges are available.

You can expect store prices to be around $15CDN and $11USD for the 30ml ($5CDN and $10USD for a tin of the cartridges.)


The Verdict: Great!

✧ These earn 4/5 Stars! ✧

(I love writeang with this ink. I’m… I’m so sorry.)


  • J. Herbin 30ml bottles are fantastic
  • Great shading
  • Unique shade of brown


  • Not the greatest drying time/absorption

One of the better browns I’ve tried, and one I will always continue to purchase for my ink collection. Not very practical for quick journaling as it’s not the best behaving brown I’ve tried.


See everyone the following Wednesday, for another Sayer Teller’s Odds & Ends!