As with many of the Odds & Ends I will be reviewing, I will be giving away the said object in question to one lucky commenter on this entry! (Winners are chosen at random via a random number generator. Free shipping to anywhere in the world!)

(This Draw Ends: Wednesday, October 25, 2017)

You asked to see more Penmanship related paraphernalia, and I’m here to deliver (quite literally)! I thought I would start off with one of the most entertaining, if not, interesting calligraphic experiences: the Pilot Parallel.


Yes, yes they look ugly as sin, and you definitely can’t post the cap on the barrel… But I’m here to say that these pens are what you’re looking for, if you’re either looking for a cheap calligraphy pen that produces an italic line variation, or something incredibly unique and functional in the penmanship world.

If you’ve ever wanted to write in the old Blackletter script or write with an overtly cheap italic nib (that would ultimately produce line variation in your handwriting that gives many fountain pens their beautiful flair), this is a very solid choice.

Be aware that these pour ink liberally, so be sure to have paper with a proper GSM (perhaps 100 GSM or higher would be ideal, unless you are using very high quality paper, in which case you would be fine. This is only something worth noting if you are worried about bleed-through).

They are refillable with special Pilot cartridges, and come in a multitude of differing colours. While these inks are of fairly decent quality, adding your own ink via syringe in an empty cartridge is highly recommended if you aren’t skittish about those, though for the sake of the phobic of needles, I won’t cover that topic here quite yet.

As long as you keep good form, it is a highly reliable nib that can be used from beginner to professional work.


You can also purchase these in different sizes (1.5mm, 2.4mm, 3.8mm & 6.0mm) to produce larger line variations.

If you’re wanting to write with these consistently, a 1.5mm Nib may be just small enough for everyday non-calligraphic use, though some may find the line variation a little too striking and thick. A 1.0mm, 1.1mm or 1.2mm Nib is more practical for everyday use (though the Parallel does not come in anything smaller than a 1.5mm Nib), but this is certainly an option for some.

If you’re wishing to create larger pieces of work (and inevitably go through more ink), you will want to go with the 6.0mm Nib.


You can find these at your local brick and mortar art-supplies store, or on your regional variant.

You can expect prices to be around $16.00CDN and $9.00USD.

The lucky winner for this draw will receive the above mentioned Pilot Parallel, 3.8mm along with a handwritten letter and several ink cartridges!

The Verdict: Excellent!

✧ These earn 4.5/5 Stars! ✧

(Not a bad rating, for my first review!)


  • Inexpensive
  • Unique in the Penmanship world
  • Reliable
  • Incredibly entertaining to use


  • An unappealing design
  • You cannot post its cap

As you can see, very minor gripes from a nit-pick… Don’t let these cons dissuade you, these are certainly a pleasure to write with.

See you next Wednesday, in Sayer Teller’s Odds & Ends!