We’re quickly approaching 100 subscribers within a mere two months of this blog’s inception, and I am honoured to have told a few stories to such a supportive and inspiring community of thoughtful writers, poetry enthusiasts, and attentive readers from all over the world!

And so, as a small token of thanks, I would like to celebrate by offering three gifts. The rules are simple: Leave a relevant (to whichever entry of your choosing, outside other Odds & Ends giveaways of course) comment on any of my blog entries. (One per person)

That’s all, really. No matter where you are in the world, one lucky winner will be receiving three prizes:

  1. A rareΒ vintage fountain penΒ (a vintage Korean brand with virtually no information called Marksman, though it’s not the renowned Marksman brand of today. Comes with an ink viewer and takes international cartridges. I will supply you with a cartridge)
  2. Β a collector’s box containingΒ threeΒ vials of high quality fountain pen ink (Take-Sumi, “bamboo charcoal”, Kon-Peki, “azure” & my personal favourite: Tsuki-Yo, “moonlight”. From the Pilot Iroshizuku line)
  3. and a notepad specifically for fountain pen usage. (a lined pocket sized Clairefontaine notepad, my favorite paper for fountain pens)

Shipping and handling is completely covered by yours truly.

How the winner is decided: I will list all unique commenters and throw it into a random number generator.

Amendment: When this year’s NaNoWriMo BEGINS (November 1st), I will choose the winner. (I thought maybe someone may want to write with this during NaNo!)
When this year’s NaNoWriMo ends (November 30th), I will choose the winner. I will then send you an email to obtain your shipping information, and you’ll be the proud owner of a fairly decent penmanship starter kit.

A few numbers we’ve accrued: 1,674Β views, 504 unique readers, 299 “likes”, all from 43 beautiful countries!

A few words of thanks: I’m eternally grateful to Platt Rogers Spencer in his philosophies of penmanship, as his passion inspired me to learn his timeless script and adapt it into several of my own for each character I write for. You can learn more on how to improve your handwriting at IAMPETH. I would also like to extend my gratefulness toΒ sbebrown,Β fountainpennetwork.com, /r/fountainpens, /r/writing, our good friend BradleyΒ andΒ gouletpens.com for such amazing information, inspiration and quality penmanship paraphernalia that originally sent me down on this crazy path of trying to improve my writing, and bolstering my fascination of the craft. Also, another special thank you to Master Penman Jake WeidmannΒ for such mind blowing talent and an amazing dedication to the craft. You can view his inspiring video here. I’m also greatly thankful for wordpress and to all of my readers for such outstanding support. I also hope to continue to read many more amazing pieces on the wordpress.com Reader community as well!

As another little celebration, I will also be reviewing penmanship paraphernalia the remainder of this month to prepare us forΒ NaNoWriMo! Get those pens, pencils, keyboards and typewriters ready!

Good luck everyone, and thank you! Your support truly means the world to me.