Anger seems to be portrayed as a bad thing in today’s day and age, however, anger itself isn’t a bad thing. It’s what we do with anger that has the potential to be unhealthy. From anger, there are emotions that can smoulder or explode, such as frustration and rage. However, a true flame in your heart to protect yourself or the ones you love is what the emotion is there for. That is anger’s purpose. It keeps you warm when things are cold, illuminates when things are dark. It is the ability to say “no”, and the ability to set things right when things are going very wrong.

It should not be used in a way to hurt yourself or others. Do not lash out, do not be consumed by it. Breathe in clarity and feel your heart ignite a brave flame. I believe there are some of us that don’t understand what anger is. To some, anger only signifies riots, hate, jealousy, discord, violence and in general, sociopathic tendencies. We can grow from this, however. The most healthy offshoots of anger are true confidence and willpower and healthy embodiments of anger… Not delusional confidence, or arrogance, in narcissistic or materialistic things. It is simply the feeling of wishing to create and sustain harmony, not breed further confusion, selfishness, narcissism, frustration, rage and hate.

Anger is not a festering disease upon a person. It is an emotion. Many times, emotions can go unchecked, neglected and abused for years. Frustration and rage are disharmonious ways to wield anger, where passion, leadership, bravery, strength and clarity can certainly be derived from the same source, sometimes in combination of the other three prime emotions (sadness, fear and happiness alongside anger.) It is how we wield things that make us who we are. It is how we embody things that make us who we are. It is our choices that make us who we are.

To stamp out the flame when you feel a normal reaction to something is to smother our emotions and to reject healthy development. It is there for a reason, just as a spark is there to start an engine. Focusing on anger creates frustration, and being consumed by it is to become enraged, and are not the way this emotion wants to be wielded. It wants to strengthen your hand, sharpen your clarity and brace yourself or ignite your desire for change for the betterment of yourself and those around you.

I, myself, wanted to cut away depression, having suffered from it since an early age, so I could engage in life in a healthy and grateful way. I am still on that path and have a long way to go, but for others who feel distressed, depressed, oppressed or unexpressed, my advice is to ignite the flame that says “no” to the darkness and say “yes” to making good, healthy change. Even if it feels uncomfortable, tighten your grip upon that sword you call your life and cut through encroaching fear.

Just as any other emotion…

Go through the emotion so you can better learn to wield the emotion.